Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Swim with the mermaids: Enter Atlantis

Welcome to the world of Atlantis, a world of mystery, mermaids and all homeware aesthetically pleasing. 'Mermaids' is the newest promotion project of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, art director and co founder of Moooi, the Dutch furniture manufacturing company. 

The series of photographs enchant you to dive into the underwater world and swim amongst moooi's designs including 'raimond' by Raimond Puts, 'miyake' by Arihiro Miyake, 'heracleum' by Bertjan Pot and 'dear ingo' by Ron Gilad.

“To be submerged into water is to be in a place free from the constraints of gravity, free to explore a multi- dimensional universe. Here, like Atlantis, the world of Moooi is enveloped in water, fit for discovery. I invite you to join the mermaids in this alternative state of being.” - Wanders

The works will be on show at Moooi's showroom from September 19th-25th : The White Building, Portobello Dock, 555 Harrow Road, London W10 and at the upcoming London Design Festival, so if your planning to drop by make sure to bring you best swimwear; you're  sure to be in for a real treat.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A fashionista's heaven: Missoni for Target

Everyone loves a bit of Missoni, right? Be it the clothing, furniture, kitchenware...I mean who doesn't love little kids running around in designer wear?! In case you haven't noticed, I may have been slightly spoilt as a child but if I weren't then I probably would not be so excited about this collaboration now, so thank you Mom and thank you Missoni! Now we can all afford you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Missoni for Target. September 13th to October 22nd. Get excited, get down to Target, get online, get shopping, but in the meantime, take a look at the preview above!

Visit any Target store or www.target.com to purchase your own Missoni pieces.

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