Friday, 3 June 2011

Alternative Camping

Not a fan of camping? Does the idea of sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere with no amenities whatsoever scare you a little? Well I may have just found you the perfect solution. No, I'm not talking about sending you off to Glastonbury with a gift basket of essentials, I'm talking about the Naibor Private Luxury Retreat in Massai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya. 

The luxury tented camp offers guests a chance to experience luxury in the wild. The camp consists of seven large tents, fully equipped with king sized beds, comfy sofas, wool rugs and a shady terrace for watching all the wildlife go by. 

If doing so you should at least enjoy sleeping in the outdoors, and do it in style, right? Just watch out for  the lions, tigers and bears!


hanamarisa said...

Ah it reminds me of Harry Potter. So magical :D



Elegantly Wasted said...

At night these tents look so magical!

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Sunshine Sam said...

Oh my, these look amazing, I would love to do something like this. Thanks for commenting on my blog, yours looks lovely too, i'm defo following xx

Chelsea-Jane said...

Love these photo's! Thanks for commenting, love your blog! Followed :)


Che said...

These tents remind me of the Harry Potter tents when they visit the quidditch cup. :] Awesome. I love camping and have even built my own tent out of a sheet and cedar posts.

I love your blog! I'm following now. (You commented on mine a few days ago :] )

SoapyMermaid said...

I knew this kind of huge tent. it must be magical indeed to sleep in this kind of tent in the desert. I am also following you ;)

Caroline said...

Oh wow. These pictures are amazing. It looks so magical and romantic. I would definitely be up for camping if I was to stay somewhere like this. perfect.


Reena Rai said...

Wow, looks absolutely amazing. That's my idea of camping, luxury!

Antonia said...

Woow, fab pics!!
Looks so awesome!
Great post! :)



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