Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Do-Good Dame

Yes, it's that time of year again... This Thursday the 18th of March, we are all invited to go about our day making fools out of ourselves: wearing big plastic red blobs on our faces and doing silly things. But you guessed it, it's all for a good cause: Red Nose Day and with Vivienne Westwood involved its all the more exciting!

Thanks to Vivienne we can all do something to help out, by wearing one of her 'Chari-tees', T-Shirts designed for comic relief, available at T.K.Maxx. She has always had a passion for things that matter and has never been afraid to make a political or cultural statement through fashion.
Working closely with Comic Relief on the range of T-shirts, Westwood comments, “I once did a collection called ‘I am Expensiv’, meaning that we are supported by the suffering of the whole world in our privilege bubbles and we must try and help people a bit. Comic Relief does a lot and I try to help where I can. My main problem at the minute is climate change. I do believe we are an endangered species and I think it is great to try and do anything you possibly can even if to help just one person. But Comic Relief does more than that.”

Many of Vivienne Westwoods’s collections take inspiration from history and the Red Nose Day T-shirts are no exception. They feature bold black and white prints of historical figures and icons. So, what do you say? Go grab yours and do your bit for Comic Relief! You'll look good too!


Hollie douglas said...

i really want to get one of these red nose day t-shrts.


holierthannow said...

so cute! i love all these photos. just discovered your blog via IFB forums and followed on google connect.

keep in touch!


Holier than Now

Natasha said...

These t shirts are the best! Love them x

Julia said...

Thanks for your comments girls!
How great that through these t-shirts we can feel good about ourselves inside and out! xx

Kristy Elena said...

aw those tshirts are so cool and a great way to get involved in charity!! i love vivienne westwood. =)

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Jane Alisa said...

I love Viv & those t-shirts are super cool. xoxo

Alexis said...

Love your blog. read about it at FTF blog. Cool looking t-shirts. great photos.

Delia Rae said...

Very cool photos. To be honest though, I didn't know what Red Nose Day was... until now! Haha :)

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