Sunday, 6 March 2011

"This Is Hard Core"

If you haven't already, you must go and check out the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of LOVE magazine. Yes, it is the one with Justin Bieber, referred to as 'the beautiful one' on the front cover, but he is not the reason I am sending you to go buy it.

The real reason is that I couldn't bear for you to miss out on Gloss, the amazing shoot by Solve Sundsbo. Fun, beautiful, high fashion photographs with the most beautiful models. Here is a sneak peak, which is your favourite?

'Shiny, smooth and a little bit fruity, spring's lipsmackin' colours run wet and wild - and so hot they'll have you lusting after lustre.'


Natasha said...

I love your blog, it's a breath of fresh air and is very inspiring!

x Tasha x

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