Friday, 11 February 2011

High Society

I've never been one for drugs , it's not that I really have much against them, I just never thought the whole experience was worth my while. However, I have always wondered what exactly the experience was like and what the history was behind it all... High Society seems like the best way of finding out, without me having to dive in to the activity.

When I was told about the exhibition, I wasn't really sure what I should expect and decided to look into it further; so I visited their website and came across this video, which made me want to check it out even more. 

From ancient Egyptian poppy tinctures to Victorian cocaine eye drops, Native American peyote rites to the salons of the French Romantics, mind-altering drugs have a rich history. 'High Society' will explore the paths by which these drugs were first discovered - from apothecaries' workshops to state-of-the-art laboratories - and how they came to be simultaneously fetishised and demonised in today’s culture.

The Exhibition will be taking place at The Wellcome Collection on Euston Road until the 27th of February.


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