Tuesday, 8 February 2011

In the words of Finding Nemo: Fish are friends.

We all like to spoil ourselves sometimes, retail therapy, massages, facials, manicures and of course pedicures but Aqua Sheko provides us with a very different experience. Think sitting in a glamorous, dark room with your girlfriends, sipping tea or champagne, while hundreds of little fish in a pool of warm water do all the work...talk about cutting out the middle man, or shall we say pedicurist in this case.

These finned friends use their suction-cupped mouths to lift dry skin away, exfoliating without damaging the healthy cells underneath - revealing soft and beautiful feet, pain free! No more forced conversation with your nail therapist, no more flinching when you think they are just about to come too close with the nail clippers...crisis averted! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the tickly feeling of these exotic pedicurists. 

If squeamish, I would recommend closing your eyes. If not, Aqua Sheko recommends "allowing yourself to be mesmerized by the flash of the silvery scales as they dart through the water". Sounds kind of alluring? 

Aqua Sheko is located both in Soho & Kensington. If you feel brave enough to take the plunge email reservations@aquasheko.co.uk otherwise for more information visit http://www.aquasheko.co.uk/. I know I'll be making a reservation this week!


Dayle said...

euhhhh ! Not for me!!! :)

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