Monday, 14 February 2011

A Valentines Gift for the Royal couple

Sitting on the tube the other day I came across a great photo. Normally I just sleepily flick through a random Metro that has been left next to me, and laugh at all the pointless and ridiculous things featured in what is meant to be a newspaper, BUT for once I found something worth sharing with you all!

After all this suspense and wondering what this hyped up photo could be, I will give in and tell you... it is an incredibly cool mural of our favourite royal couple William & Kate by Londoner street artist Rich Simmons.

The mural called God Save the ***king, transforms Sex Pistols punk rocker bass player Sid Vicious, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen into the royal couple, trying to make them accessible, as 'a modern breed of royals'.

Sadly, Nancy and Sid's relationship did not turn out so well; she was stabbed to death in 1978 and he died of a heroin overdose whilst on bail after being charged with her murder. William & Kate: We are sure that you will have a happier ending!

Happy Valentines day everyone!


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