Sunday, 6 February 2011

Getting to Know Graffiti

I've always liked a bit of street art, walking around the meatpacking district in New York just to see what surprises there may be on each wall entices me, but it was only after watching Banksy's movie Exit Through The Gift Shop that I really decided to look at it a bit more.

The movie focuses on Thierry Guetta otherwise known as Mr Brainwash, a frenchman living in LA, obsessed by his video camera. He was introduced to street art when his cousin, an artist called Space Invader, flew over to make his mark on LA...for Thierry it was all about capturing every aspect of life but then he started to see the creativity of street art and decided to become more involved.

He decided to follow other street artist such as Shepard Fairey, and eventually Banksy, to show behind the scenes of street art in the making and from there was encouraged to try it out for himself.

Three years later, Mr Brainwash is now backed by Phillips de Pury and his works go for up to $120,000. There are speculations on whether Mr Brainwash is actually a hoax by his mentor Mr Banksy himself, increasing the hype even further. Did the curious french cameraman get lucky or what?! A movie definitely worth watching!

Take a look at these great pieces of street art by Mr Brainwash, Space Invader, Shepard Fairey and Banksy. Try match the piece to the artist - I promise to tell you if you are may even get a special mention in the next post!


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